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At Tableau

We know that you want to work at an incredible company where you can
be challenged, grow your career, hang around other smart people and
have time to live your best life. We've got all that in spades.

We've also got a seriously excellent set of benefits. We believe in our
people, and we understand that the quality and happiness of their lives
directly impact the quality of work.

  • 100% employer paid medical and vision

    coverage for employees; 85% for families

  • Short and long-term disability coverage

  • Public transit reimbursement for staff

  • Relocation assistance for employees

  • 100% employer paid dental and orthodontia

    coverage for employees; 85% for families

  • Flexible Spending Accounts: medical & childcare

  • Life Insurance plans for employees

  • 401(k) plans for employees with match

Time Off

This one is our favorite: Extensive time off including vacation, sick leave
and holidays. Vacation leave provides employees the chance to rest,
relax, and renew themselves. Because as much as we love our office, we know how
important it is to take time away to refresh.

So the bigger question is...

What can you do


Our employees are a fun and creative bunch, and they
do some pretty cool stuff with their time.

  • Great American Beer Swap

    Cristy Miller

    Creative Director

    I went on a crazy road trip to film "The Great American Beer Swap." We went from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX in 7 days and exchanged 100 cases of Rainier beer with 100 cases of Lone Star beer.

  • Hot Air Ballooning

    Helga Boehm

    QA Manager

    One amazing vacation experience - hot air ballooning over the Arizona desert at dawn.

  • Big Sur

    Jon Wolken

    Sales Director

    We went to Julia Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur, CA in July 2011.

  • Hike The Grand Canyon

    Chuck Bell

    Senior Escalation Engineer

    I hiked into the Grand Canyon with my son. The bluff, 6 miles from the south rim of the canyon, has a spectacular view of the Colorado river.

  • Cliff Jumping

    Greg Lyons

    Senior Sales Area Manager

    Here's a picture from my trip to Hawaii (Big island) when I got engaged. Jumped from 35' cliff into beautiful water at the southernmost point of the United States.

  • Great Wall of China

    Dania Mahmood

    QA Engineer

    Visiting China was one of the most amazing trips my husband and I took and being on the Great Wall was just a dream come true.

  • Cycle Camping

    Andy Cotgreave

    Social Media Content Manager

    This was in North Oxfordshire, October 2011. I took Beatrice, my 4 yr old daughter, on her first cycle-camping trip! It was great.

  • Motorcycling Washington

    Brian Rice

    Software Engineer

    I went motorcycling with a friend across Washington state through the Northern Cascades. We spent half the time off road through national forests, going up and down mountains.

  • Oregon Coast Road Trip

    Kathryn Danner

    Project Manager, Facilities

    After driving our son down to OSU to register, my husband, son and I took several days to work our way back up the Oregon coast.

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